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DEATHCon 2023

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DEATHCon is an online AND in-person hands-on conference for Detection Engineers And Threat Hunters. The event date is 4 and 5 November 2023

Tickets are available here: https://deathcon.ticketspice.com/deathcon2023

We had a lot of fun with the event in 2022 and plan more, bigger, better, and adding in-person locations this year!

  • You can participate online from anywhere...
  • ...or join an in-person location for added fun and friendships;
  • In person locations: Seattle USA, Amsterdam NL, and Bonn DE;
  • All talks must be practical labs;
  • Participants get to use offensive tooling;
  • Sysmon, SecurityOnion, Suricata, and EDRs will be used for telemetry;
  • Everyone gets access to all the logs;
  • Combine our powers to craft threat detections;
  • Open registration, but limited to 150 participants max;
  • Everyone joins a VM to the shared lab;
  • All the logs forwarded to centralized logging;
  • The lab stays up for a month, so you can keep dabbling in DEATH.
  • Registration fees: $200 USD online, $300-330 in-person;
  • Some scholarships available for students based on need;
  • If your CFP submission is accepted, your online registration is free;
  • Any money in excess of event costs and infrastructure will be donated to the EFF;

The CFP is open now through June 1, 2023! Submit your workshop idea here

Watch this space for general admission registration. General availability of tickets will be June 1. Last year's attendees will get early access.